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An Authentic GFE

I believe each of us deserves to feel desired, appreciated and truly immersed in our experiences. As a professional companion I aspire to create a long lasting bond with my guests - both on an individual basis and couples experiences. If you are ready to be empowered by your sexuality please contact me with any questions, and learn how to reach your full potential.

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"This woman's kiss was just plain f***ing sensual"

- DanBrown (TERB)

Who is Vera?


Curvaceous doesn't even begin to describe me. I am soft and supple in every way imaginable. With long brown hair flowing down past my back, seductive full lips, and beautiful brown eyes, I tantalize all the senses. Whether sharing a laugh together or barely saying a word in the heat of the moment, you are sure to be panting for more by the end of our time together.

I am a full time law student in my early 30s and I speak both English and Portuguese. During the school year I am mostly focused on my studies and thus I am only able to see a select few lovers a month, so please book in advance to ensure that we are able to meet. As is common for law students, I will also be working in a law related field over the summer, I imagine my time will be even more constrained during that time, so do not wait on school "breaks" to see me. I also will be leaving the industry after I graduate, only the most generous of lovers will be able to contact me after this time, do not miss your chance.

I have also been told I have that "je ne sais quoi" on more than a few occasions, something that just captivates the attention of those around me, drawing them in, drawing them closer. I have always considered myself a bit of a free spirit, someone how lives by her own rules and gives little attention to the judgements of others. But I also like some predictability and stability in my life, which is why I prefer to make lasting emotional and intimate connections with my lovers. There are few things more satisfying than a familiar touch.

Finally, I enjoy the sunshine, beaches, wine, and oxford commas. Arts & Cultural events entice me on an entirely different level. If you've heard of a "one night only" event that I don't already have tickets to, then  you definitely have my attention. But that is just the tip of the nerdy iceberg, deep conversations over a glass of wine at a gallery are an indulgence that I live for - my ideal date involves a bit of cerebral gymnastics on both our parts. Hopefully it won't be the only gymnastics of the evening...

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