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What will our session be like?

What is your cancellation policy?

Who am I speaking to when I contact you?

Do you have any restrictions regarding race, gender or ability?

I offer an authentic girlfriend experience. I strive to make the experience feel as comfortable and as natural as possible, unsurprisingly longer and/or repeat sessions help with this! Every experience we have together will be fun, memorable, and unique. I do not have a routine and so each encounter is especially tailored to you. I fully believe that our time together should unfold earnestly and in the moment, my indulgent nature will do the rest.

All appointments require a deposit. Deposits are not refundable unless I have to cancel the appointment and we are unable to reschedule. However, a deposit is transferable with a minimum of 48hrs notice. A transferred deposit must be redeemed within 6 months of the original cancellation and can only be transferred once. Cancelling an appointment with less than 48hrs notice, or cancelling on an appointment with a transferred deposit, will result in the deposit being forfeited; if this occurs then a new deposit would have to be provided for any subsequent appointments.

Deposits for tours are only able to be rescheduled during that tour. The cannot be transferred to future tours.

When you contact me you will be speaking with my assistant Maxine. She will help you through the booking, deposit and confirmation process. I will contact you directly in the morning (or the night before if it is an early appointment) once you have confirmed with Maxine the night before.

Absolutely not, I would never and have never turned away a client based on their race. I am truly sorry that many have experienced this type of discrimination in the past, please rest assured that your time with me will in no way be impacted by the color of your skin or country of origin. 


I am also truly bi-sexual and enjoy spending time with ALL genders, if you are not a cis-man I offer discounted rates not listed on my site, please contact me to inquire.

I also do not discriminate on ability, if you require any accommodations please let me know during the booking process and I will do my best to make things work.

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